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"Make Meals Memorable!"

“Mona’s All Purpose Seasoning is a staple ingredient for all my favorite recipes!  My dishes pop with flavor”!  
- Kayla Giroux

Mona’s Original, Mild and Spicy All-Purpose Seasoning is low in sodium, gluten-free, and has zero carbs, zero fats, sugar-free and t’s plant based! And it’s poppin' with flavor, you can use it on any meat, vegetable, popcorn, etc. You can even use it to rim your glass.  

How it all came together!

Mona's All-Purpose Seasoning is a heart-warming story that combines the rich flavors of my Southern heritage with the vibrant tastes of my husband's Caribbean roots. In our household, bland food was simply not an option. Every dish had to pop with taste and flavor! I can still smell and taste those mouthwatering aromas that filled every nook and cranny of our home as my mom and grandma worked their culinary magic in the kitchen. The enticing scents of those seasoning blends always lured us into the kitchen for a kid-approved taste test.

It was my fond childhood memories of those flavorful meals that served as the driving force behind the creation of Mona's original concoction. Crafting a sugar-free, carb-free blend that was bursting with flavor was a non-negotiable for me, considering my child's Type 1 diabetes. And boy, did I hit it out of the park! I made a mouthwatering brisket for my family with my blended seasoning that was so good, that my husband bragged to his friend, a seasoned pitmaster, who then asked for a sample to use in a BBQ contest he had entered. A few days later, he called us shouting that he had tied for first place in ribs, chicken, and brisket. That incredible moment was all the encouragement I needed to go for it! Four years and 289 samples later, Mona's All-Purpose Seasoning was launched January of 2021. And today, it takes its place in countless kitchens from coast to coast making meals unforgettable for others and for generations to come, just like the meals that we remembered growing up!

Mixing Magic and Mischief: Say Hello to Our Chef!

I love cooking with family!!!

Meet my daughter Kayla! She enjoys perfecting recipes with the help of Mona’s All Purpose Seasoning. Follow Kayla in the kitchen where she will share her delicious recipes along with some family favorites!

She’s quite the chef! *wink wink*

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