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Mona's adds a pop of flavor to all your favorite dishes. .

  • Use it as a rub on seafood, poultry, beef, & pork.
  • Great on vegetables
  • Make into a dip, or shake it onto popcorn
  • Low in sodium & made in Texas!
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Meet Mona

Mona's All Purpose Seasoning is a delicious story of my Southern roots, fused with my husband's Caribbean culture. My parents taught me that savory meals bring families to the table. Where there's family, there are memories.

Gather your family, and let me help you...

"Make Meals Memorable"


"My family has been using Mona’s All Purpose seasoning for about 6 months. My wife and I personally like the spicy version of the seasoning because it adds a lot of flavor to what we are eating. I use Mona’s all purpose seasoning on just about everything I eat: from my eggs in the morning, my chicken breast and vegetables for lunch, and my steak and potatoes for dinner."

John & Toni, Texas

Mona's Original All Purpose Seasoning makes every dish pop with flavor, but without the heat!

Yolie, Texas

"Mona’s All Purpose Seasonings (Mild) is a slam dunk in my Seafood Boil dish. Added perfect mild spicy kick and mouth watering indulging flavors to the last piece. Thank you Mona!"

Angela, Michigan


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